About Us


 Greetings, Kawaii Babe! I am Jojo, founder of PrettynKawaii, and I am delighted to meet you. Our mission at PrettynKawaii is to motivate everyone who delights in the kawaii look to make it their own. We develop our products with passion and care, using the highest quality ingredients and products to ensure that our Kawaii Babe customers are left feeling pretty and happy, always.


Kawaii is a Japanese term that literally translates to "cute." Let your style be inspired by your individual beauty and identity, uninfluenced by external qualities you are unable to alter.

Act with kindness and empathy.

Kawaii fashion is more than simply dressing attractively; it is about projecting an aura of kindness, sweetness, and understanding. Even the most stylish of ensembles will go to waste if coupled with a sour disposition.